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David's Tea Tea Press

Current Highest Bid : $40

The easiest, cleanest and most versatile way to steep loose leaf tea on the go. Forget wet teabags and infusers with this Tea Press travel mug. Just add your tea to the double-walled stainless steel mug, let it steep, then stop the infusion by sliding the press down. Want a cold one? Just add ice.

Winner chooses one item in their preferred colour. Available in: bee the change yellow, black, cranberry metallic, rose metallic and teal.  For more information see Rules of Engagement.

Retail Price : $34

Auction opens 9am June 1st and runs through until 9am June 15th.

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About David's Tea

At David's Tea they rise every morning – with a breakfast tea brewing, naturally – with one question on their minds: How can we make a positive impact today? 

More about David's Tea here

Images and descriptions courtesy of David's Tea. 

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