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$100 Vessi Gift Card

Current Highest Bid : $110

For a shoe that can be worn any day, anywhere, anytime, Vessi Footwear has made a line of waterproof shoes. No need to have a shoe for this and a shoe for that. Instead, they have one shoe that does it all. Whether the Cityscape Sneaker, Everyday Sneaker or Everyday Slip-ons, pick the Vessi shoe that best fits your lifestyle with this gift card.


Retail Value: $100

Auction opens 9am June 1st and runs through until 9am June 15th.

Shipping is FREE


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About Vessi

Not only does Vessi make the perfect shoe for rainy Vancouver days, they also support our community through their #MakeWaves fund. They provide grants to projects, including Alltrue, that make a difference in the fight against covid-19. You can learn more about the #MakeWaves campaign here.

Images and description courtesy of Vessi Footwear.

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